Designing Your Office To Improve Productivity

Designing Your Office To Improve Productivity

Designing Your Office

There is no doubt that concentration strategies and automation technologies are effective ways to boost productivity and work efficiently at workplaces. However, did you know that your office interior design can also improve workers’ productivity? Yes, you hear it right. Research has shown that office interiors greatly impact how productive the workers are and how much work gets done. If you want maximum productivity, look for an office interior designer in Dubai who will help you incorporate the factors below. 

Good Lighting

Designing Your Office: You cannot work well if you can’t see properly. Also, poor lighting causes headaches, stress, eye strain, and fatigue, which can directly affect productivity. Improving the lighting in your office can help to boost productivity. Ask your office interior designer in Dubai how you can provide access to natural light since it is bright, cuts down your energy bills, and makes people happy. Studies have also found that employees who sit near a window tend to have better sleep, which is essential for a good day’s work. We know that putting everyone near the window is impossible. So you can install bright, indirect lighting that does not cause eye strain.

Think About Variety

Designing Your Office: Open offices have been found to be associated with less productivity, lower employee satisfaction, higher levels of stress and fatigue, higher rates of absence, and more sick days. Hence, companies are shifting toward variety to improve productivity by having personal spaces that the employees can customize to fit their preferences. Many office spaces now have social areas for collaboration and bonding as well as thinking rooms for when individuals need some peace.

High Ceilings

Designing Your Office: Free and creative thinking can benefit your business in the long run. Research has proven that higher ceilings are associated with thinking more freely. Hence, many people prefer to have ceilings that are 10 feet or above. 

Add Color To Your Walls

Designing Your Office: It is nothing new that color significantly affects our emotions and productivity, can change our moods, and prompt different reactions in the human body. Vibrant colors will have other effects than soft, muted colors. Remember that white is the worst color when it comes to employee effectiveness. Hence, make sure that you provide a variety of color environments to your workers that are tailored for different activities. Studies have linked green to creativity and blue to productivity. Both colors improve efficiency and focus. Warmer colors can spark innovative thinking and intensity. You may opt for red for detail orientation, but it reduces analytical thinking. You can look up color psychology to learn how to use colors in your office. When choosing colors, ensure that you consider the kind of work that will be done in your space. 

Add Plants

Designing Your Office: The human brain is naturally inclined to connect with nature. Hence, adding indoor plants to your office space is the best way to incorporate the ‘nature’ element at work to reduce stress and noise levels and clean the air. Many workplaces lack plants and ignore the importance of having them. So you can make your office greener by looking for some low-maintenance plants. Once you get a hold of it, you can further go for something sophisticated. 

Reduce The Noise Levels

Designing Your Office: Noise can lower productivity, cause stress and illness, lower job satisfaction, and even reduce employee morale. This is one of the most common problems that office-goers may face. This complaint is more prominent in open-plan offices. You can eliminate unwanted sounds using sound masking systems designed to cover up speech and work by distributing the noise the house painter in toronto

Food And Beverage

Designing Your Office: Although coffee and tea arrangements can be found in nearly every office nowadays, there is much more you can provide your team. Make sure that you offer them the right food and beverages, which will improve their energy levels and increase their focus so that they take fewer sick days. Though you may not pay for lunch daily, ensure that your office space encourages being hydrated and provides healthy office snacks.  

Movement And Seating

The negative effects of sitting at work are more than you think. So design your space for movement around the office. This can be achieved by creating a convenient workplace that fits your work culture. You may go for private offices, open seating, etc., but do not forget that getting out, walking, breathing some fresh air, and running into colleagues are necessary to create a healthy workplace and increase productivity. Let your office design layout encourage behavior without dictating it. 

Personal items

Welcoming your employees’ personal items will make it easier to see them as individuals with unique identities. You can try to build empathy by inviting them to bring their personality to their workplace, as it will decrease stress and help them feel more comfortable. 

Wrapping Up

You should think beyond just office interior designs in order to encourage productivity among your workers. So make sure your office design includes all of the above features if you want your employees to have a healthy workplace.

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