KENN WHITAKER: Biographical information, including age, weight, marital status, and net worth.

Do you also enjoy Kenn Whitaker’s work? Are you curious to learn more about this Black actor? Are you familiar with his net worth, family history, and marital situation?

I’ll address all of your inquiries about Kenn in this piece. I’ll do my best to cover Kenn Whitaker’s entire biography and professional career. To learn more about Kenn, read this article all the way to the end. Let’s get going. Cheers to reading!

What is the profile of Kenn Whitaker?

Indeed, the secret to success in life is making the right decisions at the right moments. Additionally, if you are successful in finishing this task, people will laud your achievement. However, If not, on the other hand, no one will even remember your name. Kenn Whitaker is a well-known person.

Nearly everyone who has ever seen TV or a movie will definitely recall Kenn Whitaker’s name because of his unrivalled contributions to the entertainment business.

He is an American actor who has proven his abilities on both modest and significant entertainment industry stages.

His name then started to appear in the news again recently. His admirers and loves looked for more information about him to properly understand his character.

especially Kenn Whitaker, real name Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker. Kenn was also born on Saturday, June 8, 1963.

In addition, Kenn was born in Longview, Texas, in the United States. 58 years old and a well-known black actor.

In addition to this, Kenn is also famous as the brother of Forest Whitaker. Additionally, Kenn is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and his nationality is American. Also, Kenn’s eyes are black, and his hair is black.

Family of Kenn Whitaker?

Undoubtedly, having a family completes a person, therefore being without one leaves them unfinished.

Kenn Whitaker is arguably one of the few famous people whose whole family tree is available online so that followers can learn everything there is to know about him.

Additionally, Laura Francis Smith is Kenn’s mother and Forest Steven Jr. is his father. In addition, Kenn has two brothers and one sister for a total of three siblings.

In addition, Forest and Damon Whitaker are his brothers’ names. Deborah Whitaker is Kenn’s only sibling.

In addition, Ken Whitaker’s older brother Forest Whitaker is an accomplished actor and director in addition to being a brother.

Additionally, Kenn has a net worth of roughly $1 billion. He also presently resides in Los Angeles, 

Snapshot of Kenn’s Profile.

Real Name Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker



Popular Name


Kenn Whitaker


Birth Date 8 June 1963





59 Years


Birthplace Longview, Texas, USA










Mother Tongue English


Language Known




Height 5 ft 9 inches


Weight 78 kg


Eye Colour


Hair Colour












Zodiac Sign Gemini


Father Forest Steven Jr.




Laura Francis Smith




Forest Whitaker

Damon Whitaker




Deborah Whitaker


Current Residence   Los Angles, California


Net Worth


$1- $4 Million US
Hobbies Traveling


Favorite Colour


White, Bronze


Favorite Sports Basketball and Tennis


Whitaker Kenn college life and early education?

kenn whitaker
kenn whitaker

As I’ve said, the well-known star started to open his eyes to the outer world on June 8, 1963, in Texas. His parents then each worked in a distinct area of expertise. His father was a special educator, while Kenn’s mother was an insurance salesperson.

When he was only two years old, his family chose to move to California from Texas. Later, in order to advance his academic career, the aforementioned celebrity enrolled at Palisades Charger High school.

He is neither an excellent student nor a failure, in our opinion. He does, however, match the mould of a regular student. Since his school days, he has enjoyed pursuing his acting career. He attended college as well to complete his degree. He made his television debut in 1993 on the show Strapped. Later, he didn’t stop and kept moving forward, succeeding in every venture he tried.

Kenn and his Sibling Forest Whitaker?

Forest Whitaker, Kenn Whitaker’s older brother, is without a doubt a well-known and respected actor. Forest has a diverse career that includes acting, directing, and producing. Kenn’s ascent to celebrity was partly aided by his popularity.

He and his brother are frequently compared on social media due to their similar appearances.

Because of their resemblance to one another, they can be taken to be identical. This leads to frequent confusion between them among users.

Due to his resemblances to Forest, Kenn had tremendous growth in popularity on Twitter in 2018.

Despite being talented and standing out from the crowd, his brother Forest’s fame frequently overshadows his own. The fact that he is Forest Whitaker’s brother also makes him well-known.

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Whitaker, Kenn life in the workplace

Kenn Whitaker’s will to excel stems from his hardworking family background. Kenneth was also encouraged to pursue acting by Forest’s performances in theatres and on the big screen.

After that, Kenn Whitaker made the decision to begin his career as an actor in 1997, making appearances in a number of independent movies, including “Most Wanted.” On the other hand, Kenn was only drawn to the industry because his brother was a superstar.

Kenn decided to pursue acting professionally full-time after making his television debut on “Most Wanted” by accepting more parts in movies like “Bulworth” and “Last Days.”

Additionally, the actor’s performances in these films garnered positive reviews, which increased his fan base.

Since his performance as Ben Forget in Last Days in 2001, he has regrettably avoided acting roles. And just when Forest Whitaker’s career was getting off, his brother left performing.

Kenn appeared happy with his decision and seemed to be enjoying his personal life, even though it is unknown why he left. Furthermore, despite having a limited career in the entertainment industry, Kenn Whitaker’s net worth must have increased as a result of all the films he has starred in.

S. no Name of the movie/TV series Role played




1 Most Wanted Bus Guard 2 1997
2 Tracey takes on (TV series) Second Smoking man 1998
3 Bulworth Henchman 1998
4 Party of Five (TV series) Detention center guard1 1999
5 Life Issac 1999
6 The theory of Leisure class Otis 2001
7 Last Days Ben Forchet 2001

Due to Whitaker’s decision to stay out of the spotlight and social media, it is unknown what he does for a living outside of acting. Another option is the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, which is led by the brother of the late actor.

The Life actor will surely succeed in his job and living a joyful life, regardless of what he accomplishes.

Kenn’s Domestic Life

Since the beginning, Kenn Whitaker has kept his marital situation a secret. Additionally, neither his current nor previous dating statuses were updated.

The social media page for Kenn

We haven’t been able to uncover any verified or official Ken Whittaker profiles because he isn’t very active on social media. He also made the decision to avoid dramas on social media.

The conclusion

Kenn Whitaker is unquestionably a well-known black actor. Additionally, he belongs to a family where everyone has succeeded in making a name for themselves. This could be Forest Whitaker, his mother, father, or sibling.

The existence and success of our industry can be attributed to individuals with names like Kenn Whitaker. Without them, we might have forgotten the principles that once underpinned our entertainment industry’s foundation.

Last but not least, if there are any other Kenn-related topics you would like us to discuss, please leave a comment below. Please identify the paragraphs that stood out to you the most in your comments. Furthermore, please let us know what topic you would like us to cover in our upcoming article. Enjoy your time now and keep loving and sharing until then!

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