Smart Cube Review

Designed to be placed in living and kitchen furniture, or as a feature piece, the smart cube is both elegant and perfectly functional. It can be extended as needed or slid onto a shelf to create a unique storage system.

It also enables users to adjust the lights and room temperature, unlock access points and doors or book meeting rooms. This is all powered by a central ‘brain’, which evaluates vast volumes of data in real time and derives suggestions for optimisation.


The smart cube is a high-tech puzzle that comes with some cool features. It has a Bluetooth connection and can be controlled via the app. It also has a light indicator that shows the current temperature.

The app also allows you to time your solves and participate in online battles. This helps you improve your speed.

It’s great to have this app if you want to get better at the cube or just practice. It also gives you a rundown of your solves, including how long it took you to complete each step and how many turns you did per second.

The smart cube is a good choice for speedsolvers. The app is free to download and works with both Android and iOS devices. It has a nice feature that allows you to train your algorithms with the cube.


The smart cube is a clever product concept that delivers unlimited design freedom and allows for many different uses. It can be integrated in living and kitchen furniture, elegantly on the wall or as a feature piece all on its own.

The design is built around a modular system that makes it easy to exchange and update separate modules, as needed. This makes it a low-cost, low-risk alternative to a traditionally constructed cube that can be expensive to modify.

The smart cube is a good example of an Arrow Certified campaign, as Zastrow, Hayes and Birgen received support on everything from the manufacturing process to logistics solutions. This helped alleviate backer fears regarding product quality and execution.

Light indicators

One of the most entertaining aspects of the GoCube was the lightshow. The lighting effects ain’t as dull as it sounds, and the result is a cube that has more than enough oomph to keep you on your toes for weeks to come. The best part is the battery only needs a quick charge for you to reap the rewards. The smart elves can even tell you when the big man is home for the evening – no more missed calls!

3D tracking

A smart cube’s 3D tracking capabilities make it a great addition to any speed cubing enthusiast’s collection. Whether you are new to the game or an expert solver, it can help you track your moves and improve your technique.

Using a structured pattern, the target object’s complex surface is projected onto a camera at a set angle. Distortions are then determined, enabling highly accurate 3D point cloud representations of the object.

In addition to this, some smart cubes can also be used to track movements of other objects. This makes them a great tool for security and animal tracking.

Several Bluetooth-enabled smart cubes have companion apps which use the real-time move tracking to guide the user through a sequence of instructions tailored to each individual case. This can be very helpful for a new cuber who needs to learn their moves quickly and efficiently.

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